Nirmal Yadav, Promila Sharma, Saroj S. Jeet Singh and Sudesh Gandhi


Introducing durrie weaving with latest designs, use of improved technologies and modification as per the market demand, will provide job opportunities to the rural women who otherwise depend entirely on agriculture. Value addition to traditional durries was done by using different designs, different colour combinations, different yarns as warp & weft like use of tie & dye, wool yarn, jute yarn, etc. Forty samples of durries of size 3'x5' were prepared using 10 preferred stylised designs in 4 selected designing techniques. Thirty consumers were randomly selected from Hisar city to get the pinion of the designer durries for the market demand by putting an exhibition. As far as marketing of the product was concerned, the consumers preferred 'tie and dye' and ‘cotton x cotton' designing techniques. The mixed effect of 'tie and dye' made the durrie "attractive, appealing and suitable for multipurpose use". 'Cotton x Cotton' technique was found to be eco-friendly and suitable for the varied weather conditions and can be used for multipurpose use". 'Pile weave' technique would be equally competitive if woven on small sample size as revealed by the consumers. 'Wool x Jute' was the choice of the consumers having specific liking for the "material, texture and jute colour shades" On the basis of consumers' opinion the designed durrie samples had suitability for multipurpose use as floor covering, diwan cover, wall piece, car cushion, aasan, table cover, etc. However, different designs had different level of suitability of use, which was based on the individuals' liking. A few options of 'multipurpose use' were offered for consumers' opinion in the present studies. The lift could be longer based on individuals, thoughts, tastes, visualization and creativity of mind. All the four designing techniques, therefore, could be adopted for value addition of existing durrie weaving practices. The results obtained supported the view that for better marketing, such studies are quite supportive and will create product specific marketing environment

Keyword: Durrie weaving; Value addition

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