Retrospective Study of Disease Incidence and Health Disorders of Murrah Buffaloes in Organized Herd

N.P. Singh, Triveni Dutt, P.K. Bharti, B.H.M. Patel, G.K. Gaur, Vinod Kumar, Mukesh Bhakat and Deepak Upadhyay


Retrospective data analysis of disease incidence and health disorders is helpful in effective future management of the farm to reduce disease prevalence and improve the economic benefit. Twelve years (April 2003 to March 2015) data from IVRI Cattle and Buffalo farm was collected to study prevalence (%) of various diseases and health disorders in the Murrah buffaloes. The prevalence (%) of digestive, respiratory and reproductive diseases/calving associated disorders, nutritional and metabolic, specific, surgical cases, miscellaneous diseases was calculated using Chi square test. In the herd there was overall 37.82 per cent disease prevalence in 12 years. Maximum prevalence of disease was in 2004-05 (51.74%) and minimum in 2006-07 (25.99%). Overall incidence of digestive, respiratory, nutritional & metabolic, parasitic, specific diseases, surgical cases and miscellaneous diseases & health disorders in twelve years were 21.97 per cent, 0.90 per cent, 5.93 per cent, 2.83 per cent, 5.96 per cent, 14.05 per cent and 4.39 per cent, respectively. Overall prevalence of reproductive disease and calving associated abnormalities was 4.48 per cent and 11.46 per cent as well as their prevalence was maximum in 2012-13 (7.89% & 21.82%) and minimum in 2005-06 (0.64% & 1.61%). Average abortion (%) in 12 year was 4.20 per cent and it was maximum (9.30%) during 2003-04 and minimum (1.47%) during 2010-11. From the present study, it is concluded that a number of diseases and health disorders with various percentages have been occurring in an organized herd and this report may help to prioritize any control measures against major disease conditions reported in this study

Keyword: Disease; Health disorders; Murrah Buffalo; Organized herd; Prevalence;

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