Impact of Refresher Training on Skill Development: Participants' Perception and Assessment of Knowledge Gain

Dushyant Singh, K.P. Saha, PC Bargale and Sunil Kumar


The study was carried out to assess the worth of the training programme as perceived by the participants and appraise the knowledge acquired by them in short-term refresher course on improved agricultural tools and implements conducted at CIAE, Bhopal. A total of 48 trainees divided into three batches were included in the study. The result revealed that factors like expectations of developing knowledge and skills to promote farm mechanization motivated the participants to join the programme. Participants were satisfied with the structure and content of the training programme as well as facilities provided to them. They were also happy with the training method followed, training schedule and level of the curriculum. There was substantial improvement in the knowledge level of the trainees on improved agricultural tool and implements as an outcome of the training programme

Keyword: Training; Skill development; Perception; Knowledge gain;

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