Techno-Economic Changes among the Farmers in Relation to Watershed Development Programme

Mukesh Yadav, Kinjulck C. Singh, A.S. Chouhan and C.J. Singh


Conservation of natural resources is a pre-requisite for increasing production and productivity of the farming system. Development of watershed area is a strong step in this direction as it is helping in increasing the total irrigated area. This study was conducted in Maihar block of Satna district (M.P.). Findings of the study showed that 44.63 percent of respondents belonged to category of medium techno-economic change; where as 23.14 percent belonged to category of high techno-economic change. These techno-economic changes due to watershed development program were found to be associated with educational qualification, size of land holding, social participation, extension contact, innovativeness, economic motivation, information seeking behaviour, infrastructure facility and agricultural assets. Hence, watershed development should be promoted for bringing visible techoeconomic change on sustainable basis

Keyword: Conservation; Watershed;

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