Impact of Entrepreneurship on Economic Empowerment of Women Entrepreneurs in Assam

Pubali Saikia and Manoshi Baruah Deka


Entrepreneurship development through micro enterprise is an important factor for development of a nation.The movement of entrepreneurship promotion and development in the past few decades has gone a long way in North East India, particularly in the state of Assam.Moreover, North East is seen as a region where more women are involved in income generating activity than women of the other parts of the country.Women play an important role in the development of our country. Therefore, entrepreneurship development among women is a global issue. It is important for development of a family and social progress. This investigation was carried out in the state of Assam. Data were collected through interview method usingstructured interview schedule for selecting the sample of 120 women entrepreneurs engaged in the area of food processing and preservation.

Keyword: Entrepreneurship; Women; Entrepreneur;

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