Adoption Level of Improved Dairy Management Practices in Vidarbha Region of Maharashtra

Rewendra Kumar Sahu, Y.B. Shambharkar, M.L. Sharma and Y.S. Dhruw


A field survey was undertaken in Akola and Washim districts of Vidarbha region of Maharashtra for present study. The main objective of the study was adoption level of improved dairy management practices by using exploratory design of social research. Total 140 farmers were selected from two blocks namely Akola and Washim from above districts as respondents by using random sampling method. Data were collected by personal interview with help of well structured interview schedule and data were subjected to appropriate statistical analysis. The device was developed to measure the adoption level of farmers regarding selected four major dairy management practices i.e. improved feeding, breeding, health care management and miscellaneous management practices by individual dairy farmer. About (78.00%) of the respondents had medium level of adoption followed by 13.57 per cent were having high and 08.57 per cent of the respondent farmers had low level of adoption. While adoption level of dairy farmers should be increase through providing technical knowledge about improved dairy management practices and higher level of adoption ultimately increase the livelihood status of dairy farmer.

Keyword: Adoption; Dairy management practices; Livestock;

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