Impact of Training Programme on Knowledge and Adoption of Preservation Technologies among Farm women: A Comparative Study

Parvinder Sharma, G.P. Singh and S.K.Jha


A study was conducted in Karnal district with the objective to find out the effectiveness of training programme of Krishi Vigyan Kendra, NDRI, Karnal on knowledge and adoption of fruit and vegetables preservation (FVP) technologies among trainee farmwomen. The sampled 400 respondents included 200 trainee farmwomen where Krishi Vigyan Kendra of NDRI, Karnal had organized training in the area of fruit and vegetables preservation(FVP) technologies and 200 non-trainees selected from villages which were not covered by it. The data revealed that majority, (i.e., 72.50 per cent) of Trainee Farm-Women (TFW) were having medium level of knowledge regarding FVP technology, followed by those (20.00 per cent e and 7.50per cent) having high and low level of knowledge, respectively. Whereas, in case of Non-trainee farmwomen, all of them had low level of knowledge regarding FVP technologies. The analysis of adoption scores of Trainee Farm-women revealed that (79.50 per cent) of TFW had medium level of adoption, followed by those having high level of adoption (20.50 per cent) and low level of adoption (18.50per cent) of FVP technologies, while in case of Non-Trainee Farm-women, all of them were having low level adoption. This indicates that there has been significant difference between the trainees &non-trainees with regard to their Knowledge and Adoption of fruit and vegetables preservation

Keyword: Effectiveness; Knowledge; Adoption; Preservation;

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