Entrepreneurship Development through Anthurium Flower - A Case Study of Mizoram, North-East India

S.B. Singh and P. Punitha


Anthurium is one of the most popular of the tropical cut flowers which are being grown commercially for export as well as for the local market. The average life span of a shade house and Hi-tech structure is about seven years and ten years respectively. A large percentage of the anthurium is marketed sold outside Mizoram to states like Kolkata, Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi through Bangalore based exporter, ZOPAR Export Ltd. After proper packing, the flowers are first flown to Kolkata and then to Bangalore, Mumbai or Delhi. Total marketing expenses incurred by farmer is worked out to be Rs.0.79 per stem, of which cleaning and sorting consumed highest share of the marketing cost incurred by producer. The average price spread was found Rs.14.43 per stem. The anthurium growers get good return if they sell their produce through ZOPAR (wholesaler) instead of selling to the retailer in the state as there is fluctuation of demand in the state. Gender plays an important role in entrepreneurship development through anthurium cultivation in Mizoram. Education of the female household head (FHEDU), project assistance (ASSIST) in the form of costs, technological information, net and seedlings; income of the households (INCOME) and availability of credit facilities (CREDIT) exert positive impact whereas age of the female head (FHAGE) have negative impact

Keyword: Anthurium; Entrepreneurship; Marketing; ZAGS; ZOPAR;

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