Nature and Extent of Agrarian Distress among the Cotton Growers of Vidarbha Region

Manohar B. Dhadwad and D. U. M. Rao


Cotton farmers were facing acute distress, the manifestations of which were seen in the form of psycho-social maladies in the country side. Agrarian distress among cotton growers is operationalized as the perceived degree of stress or discomfort among the farmers, caused due to unexpected events in farming as well as their social lives. The perceived level of distress was measured through a distress index. The study conducted in Vidarbha region among cotton growers has revealed that the distress level was relatively high among majority of farmers. Among the respondents, marginal and small farmers were experiencing high level of distress than those having medium and big land holdings

Keyword: Agrarian distress; Distre

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