Knowledge of the Farmers about Water Management Practices in Upper Krishna Command Area of Karnataka

Navinkumar , S.B. Goudappa , Shivanand Kammar , D.M. Chandargi , Suresh S. Patil and B.M. Dodamani


The present study was conducted during the year 2018-20 in Upper Krishna command area to ascertain the knowledge of the farmers towards water management practices. The study was conducted in Vijayapura, Yadgir and Raichur districts of UKP Command Area. Two talukas from each district were selected based on highest irrigated area by UKP project. The talukas selected for the study were Sindagi and Indi from Vijayapura district, Surpur and Shahapur from Yadgir district and Deodurga and Lingasugur from Raichur district, respectively. From each taluks four villages had selected and from each selected villages ten samples had randomly selected. Thus, total sample size was 240. With respect to overall knowledge of the farmers about selected water management practices in command area, more than half (51.67 %) of the farmers had high knowledge level about water management practices, followed by medium (30.00 %) and low (18.33 %).

Keyword: Command area; Water management; Knowledgep; Channel and distributaries.

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