Impact of Farmer Field Schools (FFS) in Coconut Crop in Kerala State: Gender Based Knowledge Analysis

P. Anithakumari and Chandrika Mohan


Farmer field schools is one the extension methods, which is field based group method, where learning attains prime importance. Many of the coconut technologies, especially plant protection aspects are knowledge intensive and experiential learning opportunities could provide sustainable skills to the FFS participants. The study was conducted on the FFS programme organized during the period 2013 to 2015 in Kerala state. It was found that the mean average knowledge index of the FFS farmers (51.31) was 65 per cent more than the non-FFS farmers (31.10). The difference in knowledge level of farmers of both gender was non significant indicating effectiveness of FFS methodology in improving knowledge regardless of the gender. The study also indicated non significant difference among FFS and Non FFS men and women farmers on all the knowledge items and a significant difference between FFS and Non FFS farmers of both the gender. Hence the gender aggregated knowledge index before and after the FFS indicated that FFS methodology is effective as an extension methodology for improvement of knowledge among both gender.

Keyword: Extension methodology; Rhinoceros beetle; Knowledge; Bio-management

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