Nutritional Status of Pre-schoolers of Slum Dwellers in Shillong Citty, Meghalaya

Alka Singh and Kanchan Sandhu


The diets and nutritional status of slum children in India is far away from being satisfactory. The nutritional status of slum children is worst amongst all urban groups and is even poorer than the rural average. Most common causes of malnutrition include faulty infant feeding practices, impaired utilization of nutrients due to infections and parasites, inadequate food and health security, poor environmental conditions and lack of proper child care practices. High prevalence of malnutrition among young children is also due to lack of awareness and knowledge regarding their food requirements and absence of a responsible adult care giver. The present study was conducted on pre-school children of slum dwellers of Shillong city, Meghalaya to find out their nutritional status useing anthropometry. The nutrient intake was more or less adequate than the recommended dietary allowances. So the prevalence of malnutrition is not so severe among the preschoolers of Meghalaya

Keyword: Nutrient Intake; Nutritional status; Slums;

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