Constraint Perceived by Osmanabadi Goat Keepers in Latur Region of Maharashtra State

Abhishek Randhave , Narendra Khode and Sharad Avhad


A present ex-post-facto study was conducted to identify the perceived constraints of Osmanabadi goat keepers in the Latur region. A total of 120 goat keepers were equally selected across Latur and Osmanabad districts using the multistage random sampling technique. The data was collected by personal interview method using a pre-tested semi-structured interview schedule. The study revealed that kid mortality, lack of financial support, and non-availability of insurance facilities were the major perceived constraints of overall Osmanabadi goat-keeping households. Among small goat keepers, kid mortality and lack of breeding bucks were significantly greater perceived constraints than medium goat keepers. Higher labor wages and non-availability of grazing land were severely perceived limitations of medium goat keepers, whereas fodder scarcity to large goat keepers. Small, medium, and large Osmanabadi goat keepers of the Latur region need constraints-specific interventions through veterinary institutes or relevant extension agencies to examine and address varied perceived constraints.

Keyword: Constraint; Osmanabadi goat; Goat rearing; Kid mortality.

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