Farmers Training Needs on BT Cotton Technology

H. D. Rajput, S. V. Supe, U. R. Chinchmalatpure


Training is the systematic development of knowledge, skills and attitudes required by an individual to perform adequately for a particular task. With a view to measure the farmers training needs of BT cotton technology and to understand the relationship between selected characteristics of Bt cotton farmers. The study was conducted in Yavatmal district of Maharashtra state. Finding revealed that majority of the Bt cotton farmers have high (57.50 per cent) training needs. The farmers were expressed their training needs on features of Bt cotton technology followed by insect scouting, manures and fertilizer, Bt cotton varieties, harvesting and marketing of Bt cotton. Relational analysis revealed that age, education, land holding, area under Bt cotton, annual income, farming experience, socio-economic status, social participation, scientific orientation were found positively and significantly correlated with training needs

Keyword: Training Needs; BT Cotton

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