Empowerment of Rural Women: An Analysis of Constraints

Manmeet Kaur, B.Mishra, Prakash Singh, Archana Singh and Surya Rathore


Empowerment is an active process, which enables women to realize their identity and power in all aspects of life. It enables women to have more access to knowledge and resources, greater autonomy in decision making, greater ability to plan their times, free them from the clutches of irrelevant customs built and practices. This study was conducted in one of the development blocks of Faizabad district i.e. Masodha block on 100 women respondents (the wives of household heads) selected from 4 villages of Masodha block on the basis of proportionate random sampling technique. A semi-structured schedule was used to collect the data from rural women. Various constraints, which were observed in empowerment of rural women, were social constraints, political constraints, economic constraints and psychological constraints. The main reason for poor empowerment of rural women was noted as ‘lack of knowledge about new technology

Keyword: Constraint; Analysis; Emp

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