Gender Differences in Agricultural Empowerment: A Cross-cultural Study in Tripura

Kankabati Kalai and Loukham Devarani


The study was conducted in Charilam block of Sepahijala District of Tripura. From Charilam block, six villages<br />(three tribal and three non-tribal villages) were selected randomly and from each village ten households were<br />selected randomly. From the selected 60 households, the primary women and men were interviewed amounting to<br />a sample of 120 respondents of which 60 numbers were women and 60 numbers were men. Women’s Empowerment<br />in Agricultural Index (WEAI) has been used. Literally, tribal and non-tribal, differs in their culture, tradition and<br />views, while, women and men also are differs in their own settings. The results from present study reflect the same.<br />Adequate per cent of men were found more than women in the indicators input in productive decision, ownership of<br />assets, “purchase, sale, and transfer of assetsâ€Â and “speaking in publicâ€Â, while less per cent adequate in “group<br />membershipâ€Â. Apart from it, tribal women (80.00) were also spotted more adequate than non-tribal women (56.67);<br />tribal men (50.00) more adequate than non-tribal men (30.00). Further findings highlight that percentage of empowered<br />men (61.67) was found more than women (60.00); tribal women (70.00) were found more empowered than non-tribal<br />women (50.00). The score of 5DE also shows that men (0.885) were more empowered than women (0.871). The percentage<br />of men (75.00) with gender parity, were found more than women (71.67). Percentage contribution of indicator input in<br />productive decision, autonomy in production, ownership of assets, purchase sale or transfer of assets, access to and<br />decision on credit, leisure were more or less similar for both women and men, but in case of indicator “group membershipâ€Â<br />and “workload percentageâ€Â contribution was found less in men compared to women.

Keyword: WEAI; Empowerment; Gender parity; 5DE; Adequate; Tripura

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