Animal Health Information System: An ICT Based Model For Information Dissemination

Shahaji Phand, Rupasi Tiwari and Vijay Basunathe


Knowledge and Information are essential for people to successfully respond to the opportunities and challenges of social, economic and technological changes. But to be useful, knowledge and information must be effectively communicated to people. There are several models/methods of communication and information dissemination; however the challenge is to determine which method/ combination of methods is most appropriate. Previous studies have noted that farmer’s preferences for informational delivery methods depend on a variety of demographic characteristics such as age, income, formal education, farm size etc. (Iddings & Apps, 1992). The presently used models of communication and information dissemination have number of lacunae due to which the information does not reach to the end users. Information and communication technologies (ICTs) have potential to overcome some of these lacunae and have played an important role in promoting extension and rural development during the last few decades. ICT tools such as multimedia if used with convergence of extension approaches like participatory and bottom up approach can make qualitative difference in the way we can generate, disseminate and transfer knowledge and thus contribute to development.

Keyword: Cyber Extension; Conceptual model; Information dissemination; Information system; Expert system; Multimedia;

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