Effectiveness of Green House Technology in Siachen Sector of Ladakh

Anand Kumar Katiyar, Ram Jiyawan and D. Angchok


The aim of the study is to analyse effectiveness of green house technology for army troops and tribal groups of Siachen sector of Ladakh in two tribal dominated areas namely Turtuk and Sumoor district of Leh, Ladakh. A multistage stratified random sampling design was used to the district, block, villages and sampling household. A sample of 100 household was selected for present investigation. Data were collected personally through well structured and pre-tested interview schedule. From the study it was found that majority of households (76%) were having economic motivation towards green house technology, but 56% respondents showed low level of scientific orientation, it means that they were not fully aware about new scientific agricultural technologies. They have high level of risk adoption due to adverse climatic condition with regards to crop cultivation. The technological variables like utilization of production inputs, adoption of crop production and resource conservation technologies were found significant and positive relationship with vegetable productivity. 56 % of the respondents have medium level of extension participation and use of mass media was found to be positive reflection with productivity of vegetable crops

Keyword: Effectiveness; Green house technology; Army troops; Tribal groups;

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