Women's Participation in Household Activities in Gazipur District of Bangladesh

A.N. Tuli, M.S.I. Afrad, M.E.Haque and D.Bhattacharjee


The main objective guided the present study was to determine the extent of women’s participation in household activities. Three villages of Gazipur Sadar upazila were purposively selected for the study. Ninety women were drawn as sample using proportionate random sampling technique. Statistical measures such as range, mean, number, percentage, standard deviation; and correlation co-efficient were administered to express result. It was concluded that a big mass (91%) of the respondents had educational literacy. Almost all (92%) of them belonged to housewives category. Almost all (98%) the respondents maintained well relationships with their husbands. About four-fifth (79%) of the respondents had low to medium financial contribution to their family. More than three-forth (76%) of the respondents had scanty participation in social activities. Respondents’ participation was higher in indoor activities than their husband. But decisions related to educational activities are mainly taken by respondents’ husband. Shock reduction ability, contribution to purchase, and participation in social development activities had positive significant relationships with their participation in household activities but husband-wife relation showed negative significant relationship. Arrangement of vocational training on income generating activities, programs for increasing women’s knowledge on post harvest activities and increasing awareness among the people on the importance of women’s contribution to household works are suggested

Keyword: Women; Participation; Household activities;

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