Socio-demographic Factors Influencing Bangladeshi Professionals' Towards Biotechnological Products

Abu Habib Md. Abdullah, Md. Safiul Islam Afrad, Md. Tofazzal Islam,Dipanwita Bhattacharjee4 and AKM Abdul Hannan Bhuiyan.


It is widely accepted that biotechnology is a globally significant and growing research field.This study aimed to assess socio-demographic profile of professionals working in public and private organization in Bangladesh toward biotechnological products. The data were collected by simple random sampling model, while face-to-face interviews were held by the researchers and quantitative collected data were analyzed and formulated as qualitative results. The results of the survey showed that, the participants have an optimistic opinion, which reflected a belief that the widespread consumption of biotechnological products led to the prosperity of human health and environment, andprofitable in socio-economic terms. Findings reveal that most of the participants were young aged, Master degree holders, had short length of service, moderately used information source mostly internet and had moderate knowledge about biotech products in Bangladesh. The top most biotechnological products consumed were soybean oil, antibiotics, skin care cream, stress resistant rice and vaccine in Bangladesh. This study includes of limited number of professionals from public and private sectors only involved in biotechnological products in Bangladesh.The findings and suggestions for this study might be useful for food producers, industry and food policy makers involved in biotechnological production and, able to monitor the capacities and the compliance of national policies in biotechnology in Bangladesh. This research for the first time assessed the attitudes and consumption levels of biotechnological products by the professionals from both public and private sectors in Bangladesh

Keyword: Biotechnology; Socio-demographic; Professionals'; Policy; Profile;

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