Study on Mortality Rate of Pigs Reared Under Rural Tribal Upland Areas of Manipur

N. Muhindro Singh


Pig rearing plays an important role in the livelihood of economically poor rural tribal farmers in the upland areas of Manipur. A study was purposively undertaken to study the mortality rate of pigs reared in the rural tribal upland areas of Senapati district of Manipur covering 200 tribal pig farmers of the district. The study showed that rural tribal pig farmers recorded significant pre-weaning mortality rate varying from 13.05 ± 1.64 to 27.70 ± 2.45 per cent while the post weaning mortality and adult mortality rate were recorded to be from 5.85 ± 1.46 to 10.65 ± 2.21 per cent and 5.40 ± 1.23 to 8.25 ± 1.37 per cent, respectively which are not significantly affected by pigs reared under different rural farming system. Therefore, a proper managemental practice must be undertaken to avoid huge economical losses due to early piglet mortality.

Keyword: Pig; Mortality rate; Tribal upland areas; Manipur.

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