Role Performance of Grampanchayat Members in Agricultural Development Programmes

A.R. Deshpande, M.C Soni and S.S. Shekhawat


Keeping in the view awareness and role performace of gram panchayat members about agricultural development programmes, the present study was undertaken in Palanpur, Dessa, Dhanera and Dantiwada Taluka Panchayat of Banaskantha district of Gujarat State. From each talukas five grampanchayats were randomly selected and six grampanchayat members were selected randomly from each grampanchayat to get total 120 respondents for study. Most of the grampanchayat members (70.00%) had medium level of awareness, while rest of them were equally distributed in (15.83 %) ‘low’ and (14.17 %) ‘high’ level of awareness about agricultural development programmes. Most of the grampanchayat members two-third (68.33 %) of respondents were having ‘medium’ level of role performance in agricultural development programmes followed by 16.67 per cent and 15.00 per cent of respondents were having ‘low’ and ‘high’ role performance, respectively. The multiple regression coefficient (R2) was estimated on the data of awareness of grampanchayat members about agricultural development programmes, it was found that 70.50 per cent variation in awareness were explained by a set of 12 variables, respectively. It was also revealed from the data that out of 12 variables, land holding and mass media exposure had significant effect on awareness of grampanchayat members. On the basis of multiple regression analysis, the three important independent variable viz., land holding, mass media exposure and leadership experience played important role in determining awareness and role performance of Grampanchayat members about agricultural development programmes

Keyword: Grampanchayat; Awareness; Leadership experience; Mass media exposure;

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