Entrepreneurial Behaviour of Dairy farmers

Pooja Patel, M.M. Patel S.K.Badodia and Prabhakar Sharma


The study was conducted with 80 dairy farmers selected from all the dairy farmers of Panagar block of Jabalpur District of Madhya Pradesh who are practicing dairy and possessing minimum six dairy animals such as cow/buffalo/ both to find out the entrepreneurial behaviour of dairy farmers. The study revealed that majority of the dairy farmers found to have medium level of entrepreneurial behaviour followed by high and low level of entrepreneurial behaviour. The entrepreneurial behaviour was positively and significantly related with dairy experience, organizational participation, land holding, livestock possession, annual income, material possession, economic motivation, market orientation, scientific orientation and knowledge of improved dairy management practices at 0.01 level of probability, whereas education had positive and significant relationship with entrepreneurial behaviour at 0.05 level of probability

Keyword: Entrepreneurship; Dairy farmer; Contributory influence;

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