Sustainability of Hybrid Rice Technology vis a vis Inbred Rice in Uttar Pradesh

A.K. Singh, Birendra Kumar, R.S. Baghel and R.B. Singh


Hybrid rice is one of the most promising technology to ensure food security. The yield advantages of more than a ton is well established across different parts of the country. India is first among the countries outside China to develop and commercialize hybrid rice technology. It has been estimated that hybrid rice technology has proved to be a viable option to increase rice productivity over the current level . Adoption pattern of Hybrid rice technology in Uttar Pradesh was studied with the objective to assess the adoption level of hybrid rice production technology as compared to inbred rice technology. The present study was conducted in Central Plain Zone of Uttar Pradesh. District Kanpur Nagar and Fatehpur from Central Planin Zone of Uttar Pradesh. Two blocks were randomly selected i.e. Chaubepur and shivrajpur from district Kanpur Nagar and Hanswa and Malwan from district Fatehpur. Thereafter, eight villages, two from each block were selected on random basis. 50 hybrid rice growers and 30 inbred rice growers were included as respondents from each district

Keyword: Hybrid rice technology; C

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