A Scale to Measure Performance of Village Resource Centres on Farming Activities in Karnataka

Shamna. A, K. Narayana Gowda, N.S. Shivalinge Gowda and S.V. Suresha


Carrying information on the latest agriculture, health and concerning issues to rural people is an important task in the process of development. Indian Space Research Organisation has taken the initiative of establishing village resource centres through out the country. Through this two way audio video interactive mode, farmers from remote areas can interact directly with the experts. The present study was conducted to develop a scale to measure the performance of Village resource Centres on farming activities. Karnataka state was selected for the study as maximum number of such centres are being established in Karnataka. The learning atmosphere in a village resource centre was studied through participant observation. Based on the components identified and vast review of literature items under scale was selected through judges opinion and discussion with sixty experts all over India. The needed scientific procedure was followed in the development of a scale to measure the performance of VRCs on the farming activities. The scale was administered using Likert’s procedure and study revealed that the performance of VRC on farming activities in Karnataka was high. The scale developed for the purpose can be used in measuring similar modern method of interactive communication with needed modification

Keyword: Information; Scale; Commu

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