Role Performance and Knowledge Level of Tribal Women Farmers in Meghalaya

Bankey Bihari, Rajesh Kumar, Kamta Prasad and P. Sundarambal


Role and contribution of women human resource in agriculture has been a very crucial input not only in enhancing the crop production but also in overall agricultural diversification. To recognize women’s role and their innate potential, their capacities and skills are required to be build up and refined accordingly. Keeping in view the overall involvement of tribal women farmers in agriculture, study was planned to assess the knowledge level of the women farmers about modern farming so that a mechanism could be developed for upgrading of their know-how and the do-how which in indispensable not only for enhancing the production but also the sustainability on nutritional and environmental fronts. Results of the study reveal that knowledge and adoption level were considerably low among almost all the tribes. Reasons might be attributed to the low knowledge level, poor socio-economic status and land tenure system

Keyword: Women human resource; Agr

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