Impact Analysis of Training Interventions on Potato Growing Tribal Farmers of Meghalaya

Sanchita Roy, T.K. Bag, Angad Prasad and S. K. Yadav


Training is the critical input for improving knowledge, skill and attitude of farmers. Need based technological interventions through training is obligatory to augment productivity, profitability and livelihood of farm families. The present study was conducted to assess the impact of training on tribal potato growing farmers of Meghalaya. A total of 200 trainees were randomly selected from the training programmes conducted during the year 2011-12 and 2012- 13. The result of the analysis of first year’s training programme corroborated that there was 22 per cent addition in the knowledge of the respondents through the training programme. Further, evaluation of the second year’s training programme showed that there was perceptible change/gain in the behavioral dimensions (knowledge, attitude and symbolic adoption) of trainees. The changes ranged from 15.70 per cent in case of attitude to 26.25, 40.95 and 52.57 per cent with respect to retention of knowledge, change in symbolic adoption and gain in knowledge respectively.

Keyword: Behavioral dimension; Impact; Training; Potato; Farmer; Meghalaya

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