Adoption of Pineapple Cultivation Practices by the Farmers in Manipur State

T. Matouleibi Chanu, David. J. Baite, M. Kunjaraj Singh and D.U.M.Rao


The study was conducted in four villages of Samulamlan block, Churachandpur District. The results indicated that majority of the respondents had medium extent of adoption followed by high category and low adoption category. Cent per cent adoption was observed in practices such as selection of Kew variety, use of mechanical hand weeding for intercultural operation, use of desuckering as after care of ratoon crop, use single Row System as the best method of planting, dependent on rainfed irrigation, followed ordinary type of storage and ripening. The socioeconomic attributes like education, land holding, annual income, attitude towards modern agricultural technology, mass media exposure, extension contact, information sources used, value added product management show the positive and significant relation with adoption level of pineapple growers

Keyword: Pineapple Growers; Adoption; Personal and Socio-economic attributes;

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