Sustainable Models of Information Technology for Agriculture and Rural Development

Subhash Singh Parihar, Bharat Mishra and D.P.Rai


Information of the necessary quality always has the prospective of improving efficiency of all spheres of agriculture and rural livelihood. Information Technology has a major role to participate in all facets of agriculture and rural livelihood .In addition to facilitating farmers in improving the competence and efficiency of agriculture and rural livelihood, the prospective of IT lies in bringing about an overall qualitative development in life by providing timely and quality information inputs for decision making. During planned development in the independent India, gaps remain in its basic communications adding to the diversity of structural disadvantages and disparities. Studies on information technology serving rural communities have focused on a few sectors like agriculture and rural livelihood. The paper touches upon the role of information technologies at the rural level in various parts of the country. Information Technologies have been used to distribute knowledge to maintain agriculture and rural livelihood (ARL) for over ten years now. This paper shows that less than 10% of the Krishi Vigyan Kendra’s and other extension scheme activity “Use digital Content “Contributes digital content “for general Use. This research paper identifies the need for ‘easier knowledge flow method information exchange, storage and rescue mechanisms in rural areas. This paper will focus on knowledge achievement, knowledge institute and knowledge idea in Agriculture and Rural livelihood for Rural Development This research paper outlines an approach towards a agricultural knowledge repository, a multimedia platform for creation, sharing and dissemination of agricultural information among farmers and experts, delivers high quality, expert agro-advice in a timely manner at the farmer’s doorstep

Keyword: Information and communica

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