Perceived Drudgery of Farm Women Involved in Agricultural Activities

Shweta Biradar


The present investigation aimed to study perceived drudgery of farm women involved in agricultural activities. Six villages viz., Bilkundi, Tukkanatti and Rajapur of Gokak taluk and Bastwad, Bendiwad and Jodahatti of Raibag taluk were purposively selected. Total one twenty farm women were selected using simple random sampling technique, twenty farm women from each village. The study illustrated that farm women were involved in wide range of agricultural activities. The result revealed that majority of the farm women involved in agricultural activities like Digging (79.00%), sowing (73.30%), manuring (70.00%), harvesting (64.00%) and drying (72.00%). Majority of the farm women perceived agricultural activities as difficult to perform. Drudgery perception of farm women in agricultural activities was significantly and negatively correlated with their yearly income (0.50) and socio-economic status (-0.56). The drudgery perception of farm women was significantly and positively correlated with the extent of agricultural activities performed by farm women (0.76).

Keyword: Farm women; Drudgery; Drudgery Perception;

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