Gender Differences in Decision Making Pattern of Hill Vegetables Growers

Sonu Fartyal and Surya Rathore


The present study was carried out to understand the decision making patterns of farmers and farm women in vegetable cultivation activities in Uttarakhand in 2011. The study was aimed to know the role of decision making of farmers and farm women in vegetable cultivation activities. The study was undertaken in two villages, Rousil and Ladkhora. of Nainital district. The data were collected through pretested structured interview schedule and focused group discussion with 49 men and 49 women farmers. The data were analyzed using appropriate statistical tool. It is evident from the study that hill women play a crucial role in vegetable cultivation activities and spend much more time than men but their role in decision making in all the vegetable cultivation activities was very less. Farm women participate to a considerable extent in vegetable cultivation activities, yet their participation in decision-making was very poor.The findings showed that majority of respondents were in middle age group, educated upto middlelevel. Majority of respondents had received no training; among them women farmer’s percentage was higher than men farmers. Majority of the respondents had medium level of achievement motivation, among them 75.51 per cent were women and 67.34 per cent were men. Almost all the variables of both men and women respondents were positively correlated with role performance except age and education of women

Keyword: Decision making; Vegetable cultivation; Farmers; Farm women; Role performance;

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