Extension Strategies to Promote Non-Polluting Environment in Fruit Eco System for Sustainable Agriculture

Noorjehan A.K.A. Hanif and I. Mohammed Iqbal


India’s farmers suffer from an aversion to fruit growing as this requires high initial investment and long gestation period. At present our agriculture or horticulture should focus on eco-friendly farming including biopesticides, farmers’ practices and other alternative methods of pest control to promote sustainable agriculture. In this regard, a research was undertaken to study the present problems in horticulture and the instinct required to boost it through efficient extension delivery system. The overall awareness on the causes for environmental pollution among the growers of banana, guava, and grapevine was high while it was medium for mango and acidlime fruit growers. The overall knowledge on recommended practices in banana, guava, mango, grapevine and acidlime was found to be medium. The overall adoption of recommended practices was medium for the fruit crops mango, grapevine and acidlime while it was high for banana and guava. The common extension strategies used to deliver the recommended practices included broadcasts, exhibitions, farmers/field days, lectures and newspapers followed by printed materials and method demonstrations

Keyword: Eco-friendly farming; Sus

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