Performance of Bundelkhandi Goat in Terms of Productive and Reproductive Traits in Mahoba District of Uttar Pradesh

Sudhir Kumar Rawat, Sarju Narain and S.P. Tyagi


The present study was purposively conducted in Mahoba District of Bundelkhand region of Uttar Pradesh during 2016. This region is most suited for rearingof Bundelkhandi goat due to natural habitat and special survival characteristics in the species. A sample of 240 farmers and their 566 buck and 1254 doe were randomly selected from all four blocks. The respondents were interviewed with the help of well structured interview schedule. The findings revealed that daily milk yield per day, lactation length (days), total lactation milk yield (l.),gestation length, number of kidding, number of kids (litter size) and sex ratiowere higher under semi-intensive condition than intensive and extensive condition, whileaverage age of first kidding, kidding interval and mortality rate were observed higher under extensive system than intensive and semi-intensive condition.The possible explanation for higher production, reproduction and profit of semi-intensive system than intensive and extensive systems were due to better feeding, proper grazing, control of mortality and diseases with better health care and good management practices followed by goat keepers. Thus, semi-intensive system was observed as profitable in rural areas of Mahoba.

Keyword: Bundelkhandi goat; Rearing system; Performance; Reproductive and Productive traits;

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