Constraints in People’s Participation in Watershed Development Programme

S.S. Sisodia and Chitranjan Sharma


This investigation was carried out to study the constraints faced by the farmers in adoption of watershed development programmes. Molela watershed of Rajsamand district of Rajasthan was selected for this purpose. 180 watershed beneficiary farmers were personally interviewed for this purpose. The study reveals that among technical constraints, improved breed of he buffaloes and ram were not provided to the farmers. Trainings were not given under household production system to the masses of backward castes, high mortality of horticultural plants, etc. whereas, among physical constraints, field visits of well established watersheds were not conducted, audio-visual aids were not used and reference material were not provided during training period to the beneficiaries. It was also revealed that watershed beneficiaries were not taken in confidence during budget utilization. Budgetary provision, progress and future plans were not discussed among the beneficiary farmers were the major institutional constraints

Keyword: Constraints; People parti

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