Participation and Problems of Tribal Farmers in Employment Generation Activities: An Analytical Study

Vinod Kumar, Rajeev Bairathi and Ashok Kumar Sharma


This study was attempt to get the response regarding extent of employment generated among tribal beneficiaries and constraints faced by the tribal farmers in taking up employment generation activities organized by KVK in Dungarpur district of Rajasthan. A complete list of vocational training beneficiaries of KVK Dungarpur was prepared and 100 respondents were selected randomly in the sample of the study. Findings revealed that majority of respondents i.e. 56.00 percent of total respondents reported participation in training on dairy management to a great extent, whereas, 63.00 per cent respondents reported participation in training on propagation of plant to some extent. It may be concluded that participation in most of the employment generation trainings of KVK was moderate and more efforts are required to encourage their participation in these training which can provide employment to beneficiary farmers in a real meaning. Results found that lack of skill about employment generation activities, timely unavailability of seeds, lack of credit facility, lack of training institution for training of farmers/ farm women, fatalistic attitude towards employment generation activity etc. were important problems perceived by the tribal farmers in taking up employment generation activities.

Keyword: Employment generation; Level of participation; Problems;

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