Livelihood Concerns in Water Resources Management Regimes in Scarce Conditions

Sunil Kumar Verma, Riyajuddeen and R.K. Kushwaha


Irrigation provides a source of livelihood to millions of people both in developed and developing countries. In U.P. the Bundelkhand region is extremely water scare region only one percent of the country’s water is available for 5 percent of the population living in 10 percent of the total geographical area. The rainfall is generally low and uncertain. The socio-economic conditions of the households living in the command areas of old irrigation schemes were similar in non-command area. There exist no considerable variations across the different categories of households and schemes in the adoption of livelihood strategies in the form of work participation access to resources as land, livestock and credit facilities. In certain cases, the level of income was also very low as compared to state level per capita income estimates. The gender relations are noticeable in terms of sex ratio, level of education and work participation. The situation of females was worse off rather than their male counterparts. Without the active female participation in the formal and informal village institutions that play an important role in managing water resources. It is difficult to improve the conditions of Rural households in general and that of women in particular. Agriculture and animal husbandry are complementary activities, As irrigation is the Major factor affecting the Agriculture sector, similarly, it also affects the livestock economy in a particular region. The rearing of Buffaloes in economically viable across the schemes, but there exist wide variations in the gains from livestock enterprise. The various factors that are responsible for these variations include the condition of feeding resources, lack of animal health facilities and inadequate households access to marketing facilities. To make the livestock sector viable, it is important to provide infrastructural facilities in the rural areas

Keyword: Livelihood; Water resourc

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