Exploring the Factors Influencing the Decision Making Ability of the Entrepreneurs in the Small and Medium Scale Enterprises

Basu Deo Kharga, K. Pradhan and Anindita Saha


Small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) play a key role in the modern market economy. The small businesses are the monolith fundament of every prosperous and effectively functioning state. They possess a number of advantages which place them into the centre of the economic and social goals of the society. The sector of the SME is being expected to provide more opportunities for employment generation, regional cohesion and sustainable development, generation of innovation and diversification of the economy structure, social inclusion and new technologies for the knowledge-based society. In such a research climate associated with the entrepreneurship development and management, the preset study has been undertaken for analyzing the relationship of Decision Making with the socio- psychological, socio-personal, socio-economic and communication related determinants associated with the enterprise. The present study was conducted in the eight blocks under Darjeeling district of West Bengal. The multistage purposive as well as random sampling procedures were followed for the selection of the respondents. The Decision Making was considered as the consequent variable for the study and the sixteen other variables were considered as antecedent variables for the study. The data were collected with the help of structured interview schedule through personal interview method. The collected data were processed into statistical analyses like coefficient of correlation, multiple regression and factor analysis.

Keyword: Decision making; Rural entrepreneur; Social change; Factor analysis

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