Crisis Management by the Farmers Exposed to Drought – A Case Study

P.L.R.J. Praveena Pochiah Marathy and V. Sudha Rani


The findings revealed that majority of the respondents exposed to the crisis of drought fell in medium category with respect to recommended crisis management practices. As far as farmers practices are concerned, majority of the respondents adopted techniques like using of water from nearby sources if available to irrigate the crop, reduced the area under irrigation, deepened existing wells or dug new wells, rationalized fodder, sending the livestock to gosalas, borrowing money, selling agricultural implements, and finally disposed the land and migrated to potential areas. The respondents adopted the management practices depending on the resource availability and investment capacity. Developing appropriate forecasting techniques followed by drought tolerant varieties were the preferences from research scientists whereas encouraging construction of farm ponds involving NGO’s and paying compensation losses in time were the preferences from extension personnel

Keyword: Crisis; Drought management; Preferences;

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