Effect of Different Treatments on the Physico-Chemical and Nutritional Characteristics of Whey-Guava Beverage

Ritu P. Dubey, Divya and Ramakant Dubey


Attempts were made to develop a soft beverage from paneer and guava pulp which pasteurized at different temperatures and timings for estimating its shelf-life. In the preparation of beverages the volume of guava pulp (25%), sugar (10%) and paneer whey (65%) were kept constant while the pasteurization temperatures and timings were varied from 60°C – 70°C for 15-35 minutes. The prepared beverages were evaluated for their physico-chemical properties and organoleptic qualities every 15 days till 45 days. Effect of different temperatures, timings and storage periods on the mean sensory sources of whey-guava beverage was significant and significantly changes were observed in total sugars, reducing sugars, non reducing sugars and vitamin C during the storage period. However, whey-guava beverages pasteurized at 70°C for 35 minutes was found to be best in terms of sensory quality after 45 days and pH, acidity, protein, total sugars and reducing sugars found to be high than that of the other samples

Keyword: Whey, whey beverage, stor

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