Adoption of Scientific Goat Rearing Practices in Bhilwara Ditrict of Rajasthan

C.M. Yadav


Astudy was undrtaken to investigate the adoption of improved scientific goat raering practices in Bhilwara district of Rajasthan. Data collected from 100 farmers revealed that breeding management (46.25%) had a highest adoption index followed by health, kid and feeding, management 44.66, 42.16 and 8.41%, respectively. The overall adoption index for scientific goat rearing practices by goat farmers was 35.37 %. The adoption rate of improved feeding practices for goat indicated higher mean score (0.36) for practices of concentrate feeding to lactating does. Breeding management practices higher mean score (0.93 ) was possessed by adoption of heat detection , With respect to the adoption of improved health practices maximum mean score was recorded for treatment of sick goats (0.740) and higher mean score (0.94) was observed for feeding of colostrum to kids. The regression coefficients were significantly 0.05 and 0.01 level in respect of flock size and economic motivation.

Keyword: Adoption; Rearing practices; Goat; Bhilwara; Rajasthan;

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