Effectiveness of the Multimedia Training Module on Farmer’s Knowledge in using Bio-control Agents : An Experimental Investigation

Rewendra Kumar Sahu , M.L. Sharma , P. Mooventhan and M.A. Khan


The present study aims to analyze the effectiveness of the multimedia training modules in terms of knowledge gain among bio-control user’s farmers. The study was purposively conducted in Chhattisgarh where, a total of 200 bio-control user’s farmers were selected randomly and divide into eight groups equally. Bio-control agents was selected as farm technology based on new and need based one. The Barsch learning style inventory was used to access the learning style of farmers and results showed that majority (67.67%) of them were preferred visual learning style. The knowledge was assessed through in-build knowledge test on the specific aspects. From the result, at Dhamtari district, the Group-I (Katalboard) has highest (144.37%) knowledge gain and in Raipur district Group-V (Baronda) has lowest (37.60%) knowledge gain. The overall knowledge gain ranges from 37.60 per cent to 144.37 per cent in the study area; this variation indicated that the farmers having different level of knowledge aspects in the bio-control agents. There was also statistically significant gain in knowledge (t-test 23.91) from pre to post exposure mean scores which can be interpreted that the multimedia training module had significant effect on the knowledge gain on bio-control agents farming practices. The results of the study clearly indicate the importance of multimedia training modules in transfer of knowledge and skill on scientific farming practices.

Keyword: Bio-control agents; Multimedia training module; Knowledge gain; ICT tools.

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