Constraints in Vegetable Production-Experiences of Tribal Vegetable Growers

S. K. Samantaray, S. Prusty and R. K. Raj


Vegetables make a major portion of human diet. Though the vegetable requirement is 300g/day/person , we are able to meet about 1/9th of the requirement only. A large number of vegetables in India have been introduced. However , a planned development in the field of vegetable production will not only improve the nutritional requirement for masses but can also meet the challenge of adequate food supply to the growing population in India. (Miglani & Kumar, 2004). Vegetable cultivation has become highly commercialized. But still there is a wide gap between current production and potential productivity. To find out various constraints faced by the growers in vegetable production, the study entitled ‘Constraints associated with vegetable production- Experiences of tribal vegetable growers’ was undertaken. The study was conducted in two villages of Umerkote block in Nabarangpur district of Orissa, covering marginal, small and big farmers ( 30. from each category totaling 90 numbers )who were involved in vegetable cultivation. The data were collected through pre-tested structured interview schedule and appropriate statistical procedures were employed to analyze the data. Investigation was made relating to constraints associated with vegetable cultivation i.e. social, organizational, technology transfer and economic constraints

Keyword: Constraints; Vegetable pr

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