Standardized Scale for Measuring the Scientific Temperament of Farmers

Alok Kumar, B.P. Mishra, Triveni Dutt and C. Prasad


Temperament has a genetic and biological basis, although environmental factors and maturation modify the ways an individual personality is expressed. The term “goodness of fitâ€ refers to the match or mismatch between temperament and other personal characteristics and the specific features of the environment. This investigation involved to construct a scale for measuring scientific temperament of farmers in pursuance of the objective, the development of a tool to quantify the scientific temperament of farmers became one of the prime concerns of this investigation. An exhaustive survey conducted on temperament revealed that there should be an appropriate tool for measuring the scientific temperament of farmers. Therefore, it was considered logical to develop and standardized a scale on scientific temperament. Operationally, it has been defined in this study as “Farmers mental disposition related to items pertaining to four areas of human behaviour viz-a-viz- scientific attitude, scientific habit, scientific knowledge and scientific methodâ€. The result shows that correlation coefficients value r = 0.83, r = 0.78. r = 0.76 and r = 0.81 for scientific attitude, scientific habit, scientific knowledge and scientific method respectively were observed highly significant, stable or dependable for measurement. Out of 30 items related to scientific attitude, 20 items and out of 20 items related to scientific habit, 10 items were found to be significant and 30 and 15 statements in scientific knowledge and scientific methods respectively constitute the scale for scientific temperament

Keyword: Farmers; Standardised s cale; Attitude; Habit; Knowledge; Scientific temperament;

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