Determinants of Adoption of Improved Varieties of Mungbean : A Farm Study in Rajasthan

P.S. Badal, Pramod Kumar and Geeta Bisaria


In this paper an examination of determinants of adoption of new mungbean varieties was performed with help of data collected from 100 randomly selected farmers of Jhunjhunu district of Rajasthan. It was found that the greatest impact on adoption behaviour was that of source of information about new varieties. If a farmers came to know about a new variety either through television or through research institutions, they believed it to be credible information and acted on it. Further, adopters were found to be younger in age, more educated, with larger operational holdings, having higher yield, more price conscious and had access to credit and extension services. Moreover, if the purpose was home consumption, it was most likely that the farmer would grow local variety whereas if getting more fodder was the purpose, the farmer would grow improved mungbean varieties. Therefore, any varietal development programme must take into consideration the taste and fodder aspects of mungbean cultivation. To conclude, adoption decision was found to be a combination of economic and attitudinal variables of the farmers

Keyword: Adoption; Mungbean; Logit

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