Perception of Dairy Farmers towards Converting Non-Organic to Organic Dairy Farming-An Analysis

Nasreen Anjum, CH. Satyanarayana, G.R.K. Sharma and D. Sreenivas


Organic Dairy Farming (ODF) is a means of food production with a large number of rules directed towards a high status of animal welfare, restricted usage of medical drugs, care for the environment and the production of a healthy product without residues. The perception of the dairy farmers was studied in terms of Animal health care, Dairy farming practices, Ecosystem Government support, Economic viability, Suitability, and Certification. Majority of dairy farmers (60.00%) had medium perception towards conversion to ODF. Nearly one third of the respondents agreed that ‘increased milk production on using hormones and antibiotics discourages farmers to go for ODF’ and similar percentage disagreed that ‘the non- usage of regular deworming and periodical vaccination makes animal more susceptible for diseases’. (62.50%) of the respondents were ‘unaware that most of the practices they follow are organic by nature’ and nearly half of the respondents agreed that more holding area per animal discourages conversion to ODF. One third of the respondents agreed that ‘creation of buffer zone between non organic and organic is difficult in India’. Half of the respondents agreed that ‘for OF local breeds perform better, Govt. should put efforts to improve them, than to import exotic breeds’, 60 per cent of the dairy farmers agreed that ‘lack of proper infrastructure for distribution of organic produce’ and more than half of the respondents agreed that ODF suits big farmers and is not practiceable for small and marginal farmers. Half of the respondents agreed that ‘certification body of authority must certify the organic production and processing of milk without fees and charges’.

Keyword: Perception; Non-Organic to Organic dairy farming; Converting to Organic dairy farming;

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