Effectiveness of ITKs for Sustainable Production of Horticultural Crops in North Lakhimpur Districts of Assam

Shubham Singh and Sanjay-Swami


Integrated crop management strategy is inadequate without involvement of indigenous technical knowledge (ITK). Horticulture is one of the important enterprises of this region. The management practices of tribal farmers are ancient, indigenous and traditional in nature. Therefore, it is important to explore the indigenous knowledge base associated with the horticultural enterprise in the North Eastern region for sustainable development. Keeping the above consideration in view, the present study is conducted to document the utilization of Indigenous Knowledge System by farmers in the production of horticultural enterprise in North Lakhimpur district of Assam. The participatory methodology was followed to construct and conduct the whole research study. The key informant methods and focus group discussion methods were followed to collect the information. The documented ITKs will serve as a ready reference for the agricultural scientists for further study to determine their scientific rationality and effectiveness. This will also be helpful in technology blending programme to generate eco-friendly, location specific, economically viable and socially acceptable technologies.

Keyword: Indigenous technology know how; Horticulture crops; Sustainable development;

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