Role of Institutional Extension Efforts in Spreading Grass Root Innovations: A Study of Ornamental Fish Culture in Kerala

B. Pradeep, P.S. Manoj and Lijo Thomas


Institutional extension efforts can play a vital role in identifying and scaling up grass root innovations. This paper analyses the functional role played by Krishi Vigyan Kendra in Kozhikode (Calicut) district of Kerala in identifying, refining, standardizing and popularizing the grass root farmers innovations in ornamental fish culture. The study describes the extension services delivered and the strategies adopted for identifying appropriate technologies, refining them and scaling up the adoption of selected technologies through focused extension efforts and training during the period 2010-2014. Using primary data collected through personal interviews and focus group discussions from 120 trainees, the impact of extension interventions is quantified in terms of training outcomes, adoption rates, demand for training services of KVK, potential for income farm income generation, etc. The effectiveness of training programmes is measured using paired t test on pre-test and post test scores of trainees. The study recorded a significant increase in the knowledge level of trainees and about 80 per cent of the trainees started ornamental fish culture with elements of farmers innovations. The study also establishes the potential in leveraging the grass root level reach of institutions like KVK’s for institutional delivery of extension services for identifying farmers innovations suited for the local conditions in all areas of agriculture and allied sectors. The study points out the need to strengthen grass root extension agencies like KVK to enhance their role in sustainable and inclusive technology development.

Keyword: Ornamental fish culture; Grass root innovation; Training; Krishi Vigyan Kendra;

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