Academic Stress among Rural Adolescents due to COVID -19 : A Comparative Analysis

Sheetal and Suman Audichya


Adolescence is a period during which individuals’ transit from puberty to adulthood. Children go through many changes throughout this time, including biological, cognitive, and emotional changes. Excessive stress caused by studies, high expectations, and lack of capacity to maintain studies is referred to as academic stress. The study’s major goal was to assess the academic stress among rural adolescents owing to COVID- 19. The study was conducted in Udaipur district of Rajasthan. For the sample selection from four villages having Sr. Sec, schools were randomly selected. From selected schools, 180 students of age group of 16-18 years were selected randomly. The sample consisted equal no. of adolescent boys and adolescent girls. Slightly modified Academic stress scale developed by Rao (2012) was used to assess academic stress in adolescent boys and girls. Collected data was further classified, in tabulated form and analyzed through using suitable statistical measures. Results indicated that adolescents’ boys and girls faced moderate to high academic stress. Furthermore, girls were facing high academic stress as compared to boys.

Keyword: Academic stress; Adolescent; COVID-19.

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