Use of Information Communication Technologies in the Post Graduate Students

P.P. Wankhade, D.M.Mankar, N.M.Kale and Y.B.Shambharkar


The present study was undertaken to find out the use of Information Communication Technologies among the Post Graduate students of Post Graduate Institute, Dr. PDKV, Akola (MS). Agriculture is the backbone of India’s economy. Research in agriculture in our country is growing fast but because of many odds and speed-breakers, the speed of agricultural communication is very slow. Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has been one of the most ambitious field in agriculture sector. The country is having rapid computerization in different field of agriculture i.e. from weather forecasting to production of crop. It was concluded that majority of students (about 86.67 per cent) had high level of extent of use of Information in their research and education purpose and maximum students use ICT gadgetry provided by University most of the time. The relational analysis revealed that academic performance, training of ICT and family income had positive and significant relationship with use of ICT, whereas, age, parent’s occupation and family background do not show any significant relationship with the use of ICT.

Keyword: ICT; Post Graduate Students;

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