Learning Styles for Designing Distance Learning Modules forFarmers of Hill Districts of Uttarakhand

Papnai Gaurav, Bhardwaj Neelam, Kashyap S. K. and Sunetha Shweta


The aim of this study is to identify the relationship between socio-personal and communication characteristics and learning styles for designing distance learning modules for farmers of hill districts of Uttarakhand. The total population of the study is composed of 120 vegetable growers of four hill districts of Uttarakhand state comprising of Kumaon and Garhwal region. The Kolb’s Learning Styles Inventory and semi structured interview schedule was used as the research tools. Respondents’ socio-personal and communication characteristics and learning styles and the relationships between these variables were measured by using per centage and frequency and chi-square analysis respectively. The results on learning styles reveled that the majority of the participants adopted accommodating and assimilating learning styles. The results revealed a meaningful relationship between learning styles and socio-personal profiles.

Keyword: Learning style; Vegetable growers; Uttarakhand; Socio-personal; Relationship;

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